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Divecenter Veerse Meer is always active.

We offer you a way to discover the diving in the Veerse Meer natural resources and scenery.

Whether you want to become a diver, continue your education or just enjoy some great diving we can teach and show you the way. Diving is a great way to have fun on a sportive way and our aim is to have pleasure with every course and dive that Divecenter Veerse Meer organizes.

For certified divers we offer customized boat trips to different dive sites on the Veerse Meer, Oosterschelde or the Northsea. These sites offer a variety of choices including shallow reefs, gentle slopes, vertical walls and wrecks. 

Felt by many divers to be among the best wreck destinations, the beautiful provence of Zeeland offers also nice historical wrecks.

The clear blue water in the Veerse Meer and night dives on these locations are awesome.

The locations where we dive in the Netherlands variates from diving on the Veerse Meer en the Oosterschelde, till diving  on wrecks in the Oosterschelde and the North Sea.

We can also provide bootcharters.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.